Woman stoned to death in Afghanistan over accusation of adultery

(CNN)- The men surround the woman as she stands in a hole dug into the stony ground, only her head pokes above the surface. Then they begin to pick up rocks and hurl them at her again and again from close range.
Her agonized cries grow louder as the barrage of stones intensifies.
The barbaric killing took place in a Taliban-controlled village in central Afghanistan last week, according to the provincial governor. Video of it, apparently filmed on a cell phone, has circulated on social media.

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19-Year-old Gang Rape Victim to Receive 200 Lashes and 6 Months in Jail in Saudi Arabia

According to The Info Post, a Saudi Arabian woman must be accompanied by a male guardian — typically relative — at all times in public. The rape victim violated this law by meeting a friend to retrieve a picture.
A 19-year-old gang rape victim was sentenced to 200 lashes and to six months in jail for the crime of indecency and speaking to the press.
Saudi Arabia defended a controversial verdict sentencing a 19-year-old gang rape victim to 200 lashes and six months in jail. The Shi'ite Muslim woman had initially been sentenced to 90 lashes after being convicted of violating Saudi Arabia's rigid Islamic Sharia law on segregation of the sexes.

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Nonreligious children are more generous

By Warren Cornwall - AAAS
Religious doctrines typically urge the faithful to treat others with compassion and to put the greater good before selfish interests. But when it comes to generosity, nonreligious kids seem to be more giving, according to a new study of 1170 children from around the world.
Children from religious homes—particularly Muslims—also showed a greater inclination to judge someone's misdeeds as wrong and punish the perpetrators. The study, the first large-scale analysis of its kind, suggests that religion and moral behavior don't necessarily go hand-in-hand for children.
"Our findings support the notion that the secularization of moral discourse does not reduce human kindness. In fact it does just the opposite," says Jean Decety, a developmental neuroscientist at the University of Chicago, in Illinois, and the study's lead author.

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Half of the New Canadian Cabinet Members Chose to Skip “So Help Me God” in Their Oaths of Office

Patheos - Yesterday, as new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was sworn in, a lot of attention went to the makeup of his 31-member cabinet. When asked why he felt it was so important to have a gender-balanced cabinet, Trudeau answered very bluntly, "Because it's 2015."
That's a great answer. Also worth noting, though, is that half of his cabinet did not swear in with a religious oath. Instead, they opted to take a Solemn Affirmation thatdidn't include any mention of God. 
In case you're wondering, the affirmers included:

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Rabbi Was Expelled For 'Sexual Misconduct' And Some Leaders Were Left In The Dark

By Paul Berger - Huffington Post 
Rabbi Eric Siroka was quietly expelled from the nation's leading association for Reform rabbis, the Central Conference of American Rabbis, this past spring. At the time, the CCAR said only that Siroka had been expelled for refusing to comply with an ethics investigation.
By then, Siroka, a married father with two children, had moved to Washington state, where he had taken up teaching positions in Jewish adult education and at a Jewish high school.
The CCAR did so little to publicize Siroka's expulsion that many in the Seattle community, including its rabbis, were not alerted to the expulsion nor to the underlying reason for it, which the CCAR now tells the Forward was "sexual misconduct."
Because of the lack of information, Seattle's Jewish leaders spent months in the dark, never questioning whether it was appropriate for Siroka to be teaching at a Jewish high school or to be involved in Jewish adult education.
Nor did they have reason to be concerned when, in May, Siroka set up "Everything Jewish & More!" a freelance rabbinic service for the Jewish community of Seattle.

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Isis shuts down women's clinics in Raqqa to prevent male gynaecologists treating female patients

By Adam Withnall - Independent
Isis is believed to have ordered the closure of all women's clinics supervised by male doctors in its Syrian heartlands in its latest assault on the rights of women.
A culture of rape, forced marriages for child brides, the persecution of doctors and the exclusive use of medicines for militants have resulted in a crisis for women's health under Isis's brutal regime.
According to activists, Isis has drastically restricted the work of male gynaecologists in accordance with its leaders' belief that men and women should be kept apart at all costs.
Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently, the rights group which this year won the CPJ International Press Freedom Award, has reported threats and harassment towards doctors in the city on Wednesday night.

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Secular publisher murdered, three wounded in Bangladesh attacks

Dhaka (AFP) - The publisher of an atheist writer killed earlier this year by suspected Islamists was hacked to death in Bangladesh Saturday, only hours after two secular bloggers and another publisher were also attacked.
Faisal Arefin Dipan, 43, the owner of Jagritee publishers, was killed in his third-floor office in central Dhaka, apparently hacked to death.
Both attacks in the capital Dhaka -- the latest in a wave of violence targeting secular activists -- followed the same pattern, with the assailants attacking the men with machetes and cleavers, leaving them in a pool of blood and padlocking their offices from the outside as they left, police said.
Earlier in the day, nknown assailants stabbed the publisher of slain blogger Avijit Roy along with two bloggers in Dhaka's Lalmatia area on 31 October.  Ahmedur Rashid Tutul, 43, publisher of Shuddhwashawr, and bloggers Ranadipam Basu, 50, and Tareque Rahim, 30, were attending treatments at Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

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The Church's Role in Keeping White Supremacy Alive

Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith - Huffington Post
There are many things which we can get around if we try, but it is hard to escape the religious beliefs with which we grow up. In my home, the mantra was "love and forgive." As I watched on television police officers attack innocent black people with dogs and fire hoses, my mother issued a stern reminder that, regardless of what I was seeing, Jesus would have it that we love our enemies and forgive them.
I was devastated, yet struck by her words. I might have tried to ignore the words had they been just from my mother, but the fact that she put the comments in the context of the requirements of God made it almost impossible for me to ignore her.
Those precepts, to me, represented the centrality of the Christian message, but it seemed that they were not the precepts of many Christians, who hold the belief that God is the author of white supremacy, that God wants it and that God demands that believers keep it in place.

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