The Atheist Alliance International Board consists of 13 Directors elected by the AAI Affiliate Group Members for two-year staggered terms. No more than one nominee from any Affiliate/Associate Member may be a Director at any time and no more than three Directors may be from any one country.

The AAI Board has responsibility and full executive authority for the operations and activities of Atheist Alliance International, subject only to compliance at all times with the provisions of relevant laws, AAI's Bylaws and any policies passed at Board meetings.

All AAI Directors are volunteers.



President : Onur Romano (Canada) - president [at] atheistalliance [dot] org
Languages :  English, German, Turkish
Onur has served in many local, national and international, governmental and non-governmental organizations in USA and in Turkey. He was born an atheist in 1983 but raised as a Muslim while he was little. He recovered from religion and re-purged to atheism at the age of 15 in 1998. He evolved into a militant atheist activist after joining an online atheist community in 2012 while in Turkey. He played an active role in the only big-scaled resistance movement against an oppressing government in the history of Turkey (The Gezi Protests of 2013 also known as the 'Occupy Gezi Park'). In 2013, Onur and his friends from community established an underground organization named 'Ateistler Meclisi' (The Congress of Atheists) in Turkey. In 2013, Onur Romano gathered a team of atheist individuals and established to publish the first nationwide atheist magazine of the country 'Ateist Dergi' (The Atheist Magazine). In 2014, Onur Romano and his friends established to form the first legally recognized atheist organization of the Middle East 'Ateizm Dernegi' (The Association of Atheism, Turkey). He has not only been a founder but a dedicated volunteer and a director who formed and served in almost all departments of the organization during its first 2 years. He was elected as the Chairman of the General Assembly of Ateizm Dernegi for the first 3 General Assemblies of the organization. In 2016, Onur Romano played a big role in unification of the two separate, the first and the second, atheist organizations, one in Istanbul, Ateizm Dernegi and the other in Ankara, Ateistler Dernegi. Onur was forced to resign from his Research Assistant position at a private university in 2014 while in Turkey because of performing 'anti-religious propaganda and promoting non-theism' during his lectures. Onur Romano is also subject to various blasphemy law trials in the Republic of Turkey because of his public speeches and social-media posts. Onur has studied Political Science, Government and International Politics, International Relations and now doing his post-graduate studies in Global Leadership. His goal is to accomplish another first-timer in the region and to build, form and start the first atheist political party of Turkey and the Middle East. He believes in a united and well-connected international atheist community that stands strong for an enlightened tomorrow.


Vice PresidentCarlos Diaz (Argentina, term: 2017) - vicepresident [at] atheistalliance [dot] org
Languages: Spanish, English, French, German and Portuguese

 Carlos Diaz has been the Regional Coordinator for the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area chapter of the Argentine Atheist Association (Asociación Civil de Ateos en Argentina, better known as ArgAtea) since early 2009. He co-hosted the first Argentine Atheist radio talk show (Nuevos Ayres Críticos), in a Country where the State still maintains an official religion, during 2009. As Regional Coordinator he spoke at the Second Argentine Atheist Congress in April 2010. He spoke about the Catholic Church and the Argentine State at the AAI North American Atheist Convention in Montreal in October 2010. Carlos joined the AAI Board in June 2011 and served as its President from 2012-2013. 


Secretary: John Hamill (Ireland, term: 2017) - secretary [at] atheistalliance [dot] org

Languages: English

John Hamill is the CEO and Co-Founder of a software company, who has served on the national executive committee of Atheist Ireland for several years. His role has involved writing guest articles in the Irish print media, participating in radio debates and political lobbying. The latter activities included John's participation in the first meeting of a sitting Irish Prime Minister with an atheist group. John also worked as part of Atheist Ireland's successful role within the Irish Marriage Equality referendum campaign and has been leading the Atheist Ireland campaign for a Referendum.


Andrew Rawlings (Australia, term: 2017) - treasurer [at] atheistalliance [dot] org

Languages: English

Andrew Rawlings has been active in the Atheist community for over 25 years. He has held state (Victoria, Australia) committee positions in Skeptic, Humanist and Secularist organisations. Andrew is a long-time member of the Atheist Foundation of Australia and a member of Progressive Atheists since it was incorporated in 2010. Andrew has also been very much involved in starting some university Atheist and secularist groups as well as starting and administrating some Yahoo email discussion groups, Meetup.Com groups and Facebook groups and pages.He has also started and managing some (and assisted with starting other) local Atheist community groups. Andrew co-hosted 'Atheist Age', Australia's first Atheist radio program. Andrew sees Atheists and the Atheist Alliance International as making a difference to the world. Andrew had previously done some volunteer work for the AAI. He joined the AAI Board in September 2014. 

  General Board Members


 Christine Shellska

Christine Shellska (Canada, term: 2016)

Languages: English

Christine is currently a PhD candidate (ABD) at the University of Calgary, Department of Communication and Culture, Faculty of Arts. Her research involves studying the rhetorical means by which the intelligent design movement translates religious claims into a form that convinces many to believe it is scientific discourse. She is active in several secular organizations, and in 2011, she prepared a successful application to represent the university’s students, staff and faculty who identify as non-religious, bringing together local, national and international secular groups to endorse the establishment of a Secular Humanist Liaison position at the University of Calgary’s Faith and Spirituality Centre (formerly Multi-Faith Chaplaincy). She also runs a small business, offering a repertoire of specialized graphic design services, and extensive experience in marketing, advertising, corporate communications, and public relations. Christine sees atheism as a site of political engagement; she believes that many of the threats to environmental sustainability, global peace, and social justice stem from irrationalism and superstition, and that reason and compassion are the requisite tools to promote a reality-based understanding of our world, and to counter ignorance, fear and hatred.  Christine joined the AAI Board in May 2012 and served as the Secular World Board Liaison from 2012-2013. 


René Hartmann (Germany, IBKA, term: 2016)

Languages: German, English

René Hartmann has been serving various on positions within IBKA since 1997. He has been the AAI representative of IBKA since 2002. Currently, he is the first chairman of IBKA, with areas of responsibility including press work, website maintenance and social media. He is also editor of IBKA’s newsletter.  René holds a Diploma in informatics from the Technical University of Darmstadt. He joined the AAI Board in June 2011.


Richard Honess (UK, Atheism UK, term: 2017)

Languages: English, French

Richard Honess is an avid convention attendee, regularly attending atheist conventions in both Europe and North America, and has been a supporter/individual member of AAI since 2009 . Richard believed that the work of AAI was so important that he was the driving force to have his home group, Atheism UK, affiliate with AAI immediately after the formation of Atheism UK. He became a director to help AAI grow and develop further and to help it do more on the international stage. Richard was elected to the AAI Board in July 2013.


Elida Radig (Australia, Progressive Atheists, term: 2017)

Languages: Spanish, English

Elia Radig is a Feminist and an Atheist in Victoria, Australia. She has 20 years’ experience Broadcasting at 3RPP Radio on the “Free Waves” Feminist program and 5 years on the “Atheist Age” program. Elida worked for 30 years as CEO at the women’s shelter “Jill House”, and as a Liaison Officer with the Police Force and Family Court. She is currently a Branch Officer of Progressive Atheists Inc. Her study at the moment is on the loss of revenue from the community due to the financial benefits received by the religious institutions in Australia. Elida was appointed to the AAI Board in July 2013 to fill the remaining term of a vacant Board seat. 


Karl Karnadi (Indonesia, Indonesian Atheists, term: 2016)

Languages: Indonesian, English, German

Karl Karnadi first became active in atheism in 2008 when he founded an Indonesian Facebook group, Indonesian Atheists (IA)While the group attracted members, he worked with various atheist, freethinker, and humanist organizations in the South-East Asian region to form a collaborative association, But they were frustrated at the feeling of disconnect and alienation that they felt between their communities and the international atheist community. In 2011, Karl was contacted by AAI to have IA become a new group member. This gave him a new window of communication to the international atheist community; and in 2012, when one of his group's members was arrested for posting "There is No God" on his personal Facebook page, Karl worked with AAI first to provide legal support and then, with his conviction, to provide support for his family and create a scholarship for the victim upon his release from prison. The campaign elevated the visibility of Indonesian Atheists worldwide and brought to international attention the religious oppression and bigotry still condoned and practiced in Indonesia.  Because of that experience, Karl wanted to participate in AAI's efforts to support, nourish, and help other atheist groups just as his group was helped, and have them know that they are not alone. He joined the AAI Board in 2013.

Kato Mukasa (Uganda, term: 2016)
Languages: English, Swahili and Luganda.
Kato Mukasa is humanist and secular leader based in Kampala, Uganda, East Africa. He is Human Rights Activists and Defender, Consultant and Trainer, Poet and Author. He holds a B.A Degree (Economics & Social Administration) from Makerere University among other qualifications. He also holds a first class degree in Law and is reading a Masters Degree in Commercial Law. He has served as the Executive Director of the Humanist Association for Leadership, Equity and Accountability ( HALEA) since 2008. He is the Chair for the African Working Group of the International Humanist Ethical Youth Organization of IHEU headquartered in London [UK]. He is also an entrepreneur and he has interest in a variety of business enterprises. As an entrepreneurship trainer, he has closely worked with Uganda's National Youth Council to train thousands of youth to be job makers and self sustaining. As a critical thinker and activist, he has written several articles that have featured in Uganda's Daily Monitor over the years. Kato sees atheism and humanism as a platform for the empowerment of the mindset and believes that the world is in a poor state today because millions of people continue to believe and practice several retrogressive religious and cultural dogmas without critically thinking them through and in effect many lives are lost and millions of people continue walloping in abject poverty and suffering. Kato believes that Freethinking as advanced by atheists and humanists is the best means to having a better world and live a better life, in the one life we have.
Sam Khangyi (Canada, term: 2017)
Languages: English, Hungarian
Sam Khangyi is a programmer with a B.Sc in computer programming, his specialty is applications and web applications / websites. He also designs databases, builds and manages servers and storage systems. A strong Linux and freesoftware advocate, founding member of the Calgary Linux Users Group Guild. He has been partially indoctrinated in both Christianity and Islam, andrejected them both, hence his capability to address and debate theists fromboth delusional denominations ... And equal opportunity Atheist he has debated many theists, picketed anti-abortionists at the schools and volunteered in multiple CFI events so far.

Theresa Termulo (Philippines)
Dr. Maria Theresa Termulo is a practicing internist in a governmenthospital and works as an Emergency Room Officer in a private hospital inthe Philippines. As a child, she was baptized as Catholic but has been anatheist since her late teenage years. She has been blogging aboutsecularism, humanism, atheism, and social issues since 2005. Her currentblog is The Atheist Doctor, which can be found at is currently the President of the Philippine Atheists and AgnosticsSociety, which aims to promote public understanding of atheism,agnosticism, secularism, and humanism in the Philippines and to provideFilipino atheists and agnostics a community and support system in a countrystrongly pervaded by politically-connected religious institutions. 

Bechman 2014

Stuart Bechman (USA, term: 2017)

Languages: English, Spanish

Stuart Bechman served as AAI's President from 2008 to 2010 and from 2013 to 2014. Stuart has been active in the US freethought community for almost 20 years. His "day job" is working as a Business Analyst, and he holds graduate degrees in Accounting, Management Information Systems and Sociology.  He is also a graduate of The Humanist Institute (Class 17, 2013). Stuart has served on the boards of the Secular Coalition for America, Americans United for Separation of Church & State and his local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, as well as serving as treasurer for a number of not-for-profit organizations over the course of his career.


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