Killing of Protester Prompts Rare Criticism From Egyptian State Newspaper

According to New York Times, The killing of Shaimaa al-Sabbagh, a peaceful protester whose body wasriddled with shotgun pellets on Saturday in Cairo, was condemned in an unusually frank editorial published Monday on the front page of Al Ahram, the flagship state newspaper in Egypt, and signed by its chairman, Ahmed Sayed el-Naggar.

Ms. Sabbagh was shot in front of witnesses and the cameras of several journalists when police officers suddenly fired at marchers carrying flowers to Tahrir Square to mark the fourth anniversary of Egypt’s Arab Spring uprising. Images of the attack on the protest, and of Ms. Sabbagh’s colleagues trying to evade arrest to save her, reverberated online, transforming the 32-year-old mother’s death into a new symbol of police impunity.

Although the police initially denied responsibility, and suggested that an unseen Islamist gunman might have fired the birdshot, the Ahram chairman, Mr. Naggar, wrote that the news footage and accounts of witnesses “clearly indicate the killer, the misuse of power and a failure to implement the law,” according to a partial translation of the Ahram editorialfrom The Guardian.

For more details and see more photos and coverages on social media please check NY Times



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