Arrests in Saudi Arabia over atheist video


Saudi Arabia’s religious police has threatened to jail those behind two videos, including one promoting atheism, according to local media.

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (the Haia) has denied a man who appears to be one of its personnel in a clip is a member of the Haia, according to Arabian Business.

In the video, the man, standing next to a Haia-marked vehicle threatens homosexuals and men who blackmail young women.

Haia spokesman Turki Al Shelayyil warned it would investigate and punish not only the “impersonator” but the person who filmed the video, Arabic daily Al Hayat reported.

Impersonation in Saudi Arabia carries a 10-year jail term.

Haia police already have arrested “several people” in relation to an atheist video that went viral on social media website KiK Messenger, Arab News reported.

The video has led to calls for better education in explaining the difference between those who do not believe in God (atheists) and those who are non-religious but believe God exists.

For more details please check Arabian Business


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