'Trojan Horse' Scandal 'Worse in London than Birmingham' Claims Department for Education


Some schools in east London are being taken over by Muslim extremists who are trying to convert pupils and staff to their hardline ideology, according to a report in today's Sunday Times.

The newspaper spoke to a contact within the Department for Education (DfE) who clams the problem there is even worse than in Birmingham, where a 'Trojan Horse' plot to take over schools was revealed this year.

"Tower Hamlets is expected to be the next Birmingham," said the DfE source, "but even worse, because the problems surrounding Muslim fundamentalists imposing their views on education seems to be more embedded."

One of the schools highlighted in the report is Marner Primary School, which has been inspected by Ofsted following the raising of concerns by the Home Office. The council said it expects Marner to be given a "clean bill of health" within coming days.

Tower Hamlets has a large Muslim population, and recently hit the headlines when an Islamic State flag was draped at the entrance to one of its housing estates. The flag was torn down by 77-year-old nun Sister Christine Frost.

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