Atheist children being evangelised, Atheist Ireland claims

According to RTE, atheist parents in Ireland are being obliged to send their children to Catholic and other religious-run schools where they are being evangelised, according to Atheist Ireland.

The group is due to meet Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Minister for Education Jan O'Sullivan later today to discuss the issue.

Atheist Ireland says census figures show that people of no religion comprise the second-largest group in the country after Catholics.

The group says the education system, as well as other areas of Irish life, continues to discriminate against atheists.

It says it will be asking Mr Kenny and Ms O'Sullivan to recognise their human rights, including their constitutional right to have their children educated according to their conscience.

Atheist Ireland says many non-religious parents do not want to have to send their children to Catholic-run schools, but the current lack of choice in most areas of the country gives them no option but to do so.




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