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AAI relies on volunteers to operate - for a start, all the AAI Directors are volunteers! We're always looking for enthusiastic, rational, reliable people to help out with AAI activities. 

As AAI is an international organisation, the vast majority of its work is done via email/Skype. Accordingly, a reliable internet connection and willingness to use electronic communication is a critical requirement for volunteers.

We understand that many volunteers have very limited time to offer between other priorities such as work, school, family, etc. Some volunteers can offer a little time each week on an ongoing basis; others can offer a lot of time for a period when they find themselves between other obligations; others can only consider assignments a project at a time, because they just can't predict the future. Whatever your situation, and however many hours you are able to contribute, AAI will strive to meet your requirements and make your contribution work for both of us.

Help AAI build the future that you want to see! If you have skills and interest in any of the areas below, please email volunteer [at] atheistalliance [dot] org. Please let us know about any relevant background, skills or specific activities that you would be interested in contributing to.

Current Volunteer Opportunities with Atheist Alliance International:

1. Position statement writer

AAI has published some position statements and would like to add more in the future.  We need volunteers who are adept at writing position papers that can clarify the organization’s stand in different issues.

2. Petitions manager

Writing and promoting online petitions for different causes/advocacies.

3. Public Relations Team Members

AAI has a PR team that periodically identifies appropriate topics for and drafts AAI press releases. We would like to add one or two people to the team.

4. News Team Members - South America (excl. Brazil), Asia and Africa

The AAI News Team members provide articles and commentary on atheist/secular issues in their region for the AAI website. Members commit to providing at least one article every two months, although more frequent contributions are welcome! We'd like to add one or two people from each of South America (excl. Brazil - that is already covered!), Asia and Africa - if you are interested please email us for more information.

5. Translators

Translation of key pages in the AAI website in languages other than English (refer About AAI page). We are specifically seeking translators from English to French and Hindi at this stage, but would also welcome translations to other languages if you'd like to help!

6. Freethought Audio Library

AAI operates the Freethought Audio Library  to make historic freethought documents available via podcast. Please contact us if you'd like to record a document to help preserve and increase access to freethought history.

7. Fundraising Campaign Managers

Develop and execute fundraising campaigns for AAI and various specific projects



AAI Foundation and the International Exchange Program 

Are you located in or have contacts in a developing country, particularly one where atheism is suppressed? We'd appreciate your help identifying, developing and executing programs that promote atheism and secularism in these countries/regions. This may involve an international exchange where AAI volunteers visit an Affiliate/Associate Member and work on a project for a period of time.

Current Volunteer Opportunities with other groups

Please note that Atheist Alliance International (AAI) advertises volunteer opportunities with other groups as a service to Affiliate/Associate Members and projects supported by AAI. Through this service AAI puts volunteers and relevant groups in touch with each other, but AAI is not involved in, and has no responsibility for, the execution or oversight of the task.

Kasese Humanist Primary School (Uganda)

Kasese School periodically seeks volunteers to act as teaching assistants for a term (three - four months). Volunteers would need to fund their own airfaires, accommodation and other living costs. This is a great opportunity to spend a few months making a tangible positive contribution to the education of children in a place where it is really needed!


Interested? Want more information? Have suggestions for other volunteer activities? Please email us at volunteer [at] atheistalliance [dot] org

If none of the roles above suit you then feel free to email us anyway, noting your skills and interests and we'd be pleased to add you to our volunteer list.

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