Time to Stand Up for Secularism

tanya-smithOn Saturday 17 September 2011 there will be a rally in London in support for the Secular Europe Campaign.  Secularism is fair - it is an approach that treats all citizens equally and doesn't favour or disadvantage anyone for being religious or not religious.  Unfortunately, we don't live in a secular world.  Even in comparatively progressive countries like the UK religion still has enormous power - financially (supported by the taxpayers), politically and socially .  The only way we're going to have  a secular world (or even just get closer to one) is if people show that they care about secularism.  So it's time to stand up.  Go to the London rally on 17 September 2011.

My video in support of the campaign is on the myseculareurope channel here:


For more information on the rally:  http://secular-europe-campaign.org/march-rally/

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