Out of God's Closet

Long-Time AAI Life Member Dr. Stephen F. Uhl, author of the celebrated coming-to-atheism audio series, Out of God's Closet, has graciously agreed to offer his series to AAI Members for their own listening enjoyment for free.

There are 25 15-minute episodes (Plus a Greetings and two Appendices episodes) you can download. These are recorded in .MP3 files that you can listen using any audio play software like QuickTime or RealPlayer, or download to your iPod or smartphone for enjoyment on the road.

To play a segment on your computer, just click on the link below. (Please note that you must already have installed an audio play application on your computer to be able to play the segment.) To download a segment for later play, right-click on the link and select "Save Target As..."

For more information about Dr. Uhl and his audio series, please visit http://www.outofgodscloset.com/.

Episode 0: Greetings

Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 2: The Chosen One

Episode 3: The Road to Agnosticism

Episode 4: Why Most People Believe in God

Episode 5: The Powerful Effectiveness of Fear and Greed

Episode 6: Does God Exist?

Episode 7: Read the Bible

Episode 8: Is Religion Harmful to Society?

Episode 9: Historic God: The God of Wars and Divisions

Episode 10: Modern Young Minds Polluted by Religion

Episode 11: Credulity Can Impede Creative Research

Episode 12: Guilt and Responsibility

Episode 13: How to Protect the Children

Episode 14: Faith Can Lead to Extremes

Episode 15: Repeated Fallacies Become Believable

Episode 16: First Amendment to the US Constitution

Episode 17: Further Extremes

Episode 18: We Learn At Different Rates

Episode 19: Humility Is Truth

Episode 20: Practical Atheism

Episode 21: Progress Toward Rationalism

Episode 22: Life Without God in the United States

Episode 23: Grossly Improved Functioning of Our Justice System

Episode 24: The Golden Rule

Episode 25: Ten Commandments for the 21st Century

Episode 26: Epilogue

Appendix 1: Thank You

Appendix 2: A Declaration of Progressive Principles



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