FFAF is on the warpath against ‘hateful’ atheists

ESTABLISHED in 2012, is the Freedom From Atheism Foundation (FFAF) has announced its intention to step up its battle against godless Americans after the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) posted another “offensive, and historically inaccurate, sign touting Jesus as a myth.


Writing for the Christian Post, one Mike Dobbins drew readers attention to the FFAFF:

Did you know an organisation exists to counter the FFRF and other intolerant atheists? If you or someone you know has been the victim of militant, confrontational atheism then the place to turn is the Freedom From Atheism Foundation (FFAF).

He added:

Created in 2012 as a response to intolerant atheists seeking the removal of a Veterans Memorial that displayed religious symbols, the FFAF has grown leaps and bounds and boasts over 120,000 followers on their Facebook page as of this writing.


The Freedom From Atheism Foundation was created as a grassroots civil rights Facebook group to help protect the rights of religious believers, address the rising tide of intolerant atheism across the world, and be a beacon of hope and support for victims of atheist hate.

FFAF’s Dr Jim Ryan is quoted as saying:

History has demonstrated that atheists, especially once they get into positions of power, have been brutally repressive toward those who do not share their faith. While many atheists in the West, especially the New Atheists, claim to be promoting science and reason, it should be noted that they have repeatedly stated that their goal is to eradicate those religions and religious beliefs that differ from their own.

And more of this horseshit:

They are working to restrict freedom of religious expression and freedom of speech. There is every reason to suspect that if the intolerant atheists of today get into power they will be just as oppressive, if not more so, that the previous generations of atheists.

This drivel was effectively dismissed by The Friendly Atheist, Hemant Mehta:

FFRF’s militancy is little more than a group of dedicated people writing letters to warn people that they are violating the Constitution. The attorneys there have no desire to stop the religious speech of individuals. They defend those rights. They don’t sue churches for holding worship services or after-school Bible clubs for meeting. They only request equal treatment under the law.

Damn near all of their lawsuits involve Christians who cross the legal line in a way that would make Fox News flip out if any other group pulled the same shit. Like public school coaches pushing Christianity on their athletes, or elected officials using their office to promote their faith, or the IRS allowing churches to get away with endorsing political candidates.

If atheists acted like the Christians that FFRF goes after, maybe Ryan’s group would have a point. As it stands, this is what a whining majority looks like when they realize they no longer get to trample over the minority without a fight.

More lies about a secular organisation came at the weekend from Fox News’s Megyn Kelly, who repeated stated that Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) is an atheist organisation.

It most certainly is not! The Huff Post’s Chris Rodda put Kelly straight:

Only 749 of MRFF’s 37,312 clients – only 2 percent – identify as atheists, agnostics, and humanists. Another two percent belong to minority religions.

And who makes up the whopping 96 percent that remains? CHRISTIANS! Yes, Megyn Kelly, 96 percent of the clients of this organization that you deliberately and repeatedly called an atheist organization are Christians.

They are Catholics and mainline Protestants who just aren’t considered Christian enough by the likes of your guests the Dobsons or their fundamentalist and dominionist brethren in the military.

Source: Freethinker

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