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Secular World magazine has been the flagship publication of Atheist Alliance International (AAI) since its inception in 1994. AAI has recently completed a restructuring and separation of its US activities and intends to revamp Secular World to better reflect its focus on global atheist and secular issues.

The current magazine is a colour cover / black and white publication of around 50-60 pages per issue, issued at the start of each quarter (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) in both printed and electronic (pdf and e-zine) forms. The magazine’s current audience is members of AAI, but AAI would like to pursue additional publication options and target a diverse audience of atheists/freethinkers/secularists around the world. The magazine reports on atheist/secular issues and events globally, with the objectives to:

  • inform readers about, and promote, the activities and projects of AAI and its Members;
  • report on regional and worldwide issues and trends, positive and negative, in atheism and secularism; and
  • present opportunities for people to support atheist and secular activism – both financially and by through direct participation – including through projects run by AAI and its Members.

As well as the full magazine, which is made available to AAI Members, the Editor prepares an extract of each issue that is available freely on the AAI website and used for promotional purposes.

Examples of Secular World can be found online:




AAI is seeking expressions of interest in the position of Editor for a re-launch of Secular World magazine. Following its recent re-branding AAI is seeking a fresh layout and format for the magazine and the Editor will have latitude to re-design the magazine, with the goal of maximising its appeal to a diverse, global audience.

Secular World magazine is currently available to AAI Members only, but we wish to ensure Secular World's publication options are kept up to date and would like the Editor to consider and pursue publication through additional channels such as iTunes, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook and the Apple iPad (and any other formats considered appropriate), with a proportion of external sales paid to the Editor.

This is a contract position that requires the Editor to self-manage their efforts and operate independently with their own software and equipment. As AAI is an international, volunteer-run organization without a physical office, almost all organizational communication will be via email and Skype.

The Editor’s role comprises:

  • monitoring atheist/secular issues and events and the activities of AAI and its affiliates, as part of seeking out and securing the content required for each issue. From time to time AAI receives unsolicited contact regarding potential articles and these will be provided to the Editor. AAI does not pay fees to contributors of articles;
  • managing any advertising that is included in the magazine (with a proportion of advertising revenue secured by the Editor paid to the Editor);
  • designing the cover for each issue, although AAI may be able to arrange professional graphic design assistance through its volunteer network if required;
  • arranging for the production of printed copies of the magazine and liaising with the printer;
  • posting printed copies of the magazine as required.

At present Secular World magazine is published quarterly. We are interested in applicants’ views on the preferred frequency of the magazine.

The Editor will be in regular contact with the AAI President and AAI Membership Director regarding the magazine's format, content and distribution and may be asked to participate in monthly Board meetings (by Skype) from time to time.


On the basis of the current quarterly publication the Editor will be paid US$1,250 per issue of Secular World magazine (US$5,000 per year). However, if the frequency of publication differs from quarterly AAI will discuss an appropriate figure that provides a similar annual compensation.

In addition:

  • if the Editor secures advertising that is placed in Secular World magazine (such advertising to be approved by AAI) the Editor will receive 30% of the associated advertising revenue;
  • if Secular World magazine is sold externally to AAI (such sales channels to be approved by AAI), the Editor will receive 10% of the associated sales revenue; and
  • from time to time the Editor may be reimbursed for travel costs to attend and report on AAI conventions or other events/activities.

Printing and postage costs for Secular World magazine will be paid by AAI or the Editor will be reimbursed for such costs.

AAI is willing to discuss the elements of the payment package with applicants and is open to mutually beneficial payment structures as suggested by applicants, however as AAI is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit group this position involves a degree of volunteer contribution for "the cause".

Application process

Candidates for the position of Secular World Editor should submit their resume of their publishing experience and samples, published or not, of magazine concepts that they have developed, as well as a 1-2 page brief of how they would re-design Secular World and their view on the preferred frequency of publication. AAI has launched surveys of its members and supporters to obtain feedback about perceptions of Secular World and a summary of the survey results will be provided to candidates during the application process.

Actual magazine or newspaper editing experience will be valued highly. Candidates should also be familiar with, or able to learn, electronic publishing formats and provide their thoughts on how to expand publication of Secular World to other formats.

Candidates should send a letter of interest and the other information/materials mentioned above to info [at] atheistalliance [dot] org by 20 August 2012 with ‘Secular World Editor Position’ noted in the subject line.


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