ISIS may use Eboula as bio-weapon

According to International Business Time, there are growing concerns that the Islamic State jihadists may use Ebola virus as a bio terror weapon to attack the West. According to some experts, the ISIS fanatics may try to infect themselves with Ebola virus to become carriers and attack others.

The virus is rampant in West Africa and already killed 4,000 people in the past few months

Suicide Bio Weapon

Since the virus is transmitted by direct contact with infected persons, it may not be difficult for fanatics to contract it and travel to countries they wanted to wreak havoc, according to a military expert. Al Shimkus, a former professor at the National Security Affairs at the U.S. Naval War College, concurred that this scenario is entirely plausible, reports

Shimkus told Forbes magazine that an individual exposed to Ebola Virus would become a carrier of the disease. For terrorists, becoming a human carrier of the deadly disease is not very difficult. This possibility was also endorsed by Anthony Glees, Director at Buckingham University's Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies. According to him, "Suicide missions ISIS are not uncommon. Being murderous in actions and well-informed they may consider this option too". Ebola virus is already running rampant in West and more cases are appearing in Europe and the U.S.

For more details please check International Business Time


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