Let’s not be witnesses to a load of elitist nonsense

By: Tom Elliott

70,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses are set to arrive in Melbourne next week for a massive conference at Etihad Stadium. I’ve done some research into this religion and what I’ve discovered has convinced me that scepticism about blind faith is absolutely the right path.

Despite their earnest efforts to convert people via doorknocking, “Witnessing Jehovah” is an extremely exclusive religion. Among other things, the Jehovah’s Witnesses say that only 144,000 people globally will eventually ascend into heaven. That means that 99.99999% of the population will go somewhere far less pleasant if Judgment Day ever arrives.

Second, this distant branch of Christianity prevents children (and adults) from celebrating birthdays. Giving kids one special day a year that’s all about them is a lovely thing. What sorts of weirdos ban it?

Third, adult Jehovah’s Witnesses are encouraged to go through a type of baptism in an effort to reaffirm their beliefs. In this sense they’re no different from the Baptists (one of whose schools I attended). But once you do it, there’s no escaping it.

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