Introducing the Balozi Journal – THE JAF MAGAZINE

Jahwar Amber Fund, popularly known as JAF, is a secular group operating in Kenya. It is the sole national organization of its kind, formed to offer support towards the development of steady atheism in the country and the wider East African region.

To date, the organization has not accomplished much, having just been setup in 2009. But it can boast of having risen to its expectations, that of making known that atheism in Africa is possible for as long as there is a nurturing support.

Balozi Journal is the latest development that JAF has been able to put forth, aimed at collecting global and local views on the progress of African atheism, with specific incline on Kenya as the lead region where the organization operates from. JAF is currently looking for sponsors to help it realize a number of proposals it has put forth in support of its strategic objectives. It cannot accommodate the need for enlightenment in Kenya as a sole organ, thus calling for supporters and partners in this mutual quest of making the world a safer place for atheism.

This being the first edition of Balozi Journal, it emphatically covered situations in Kenya, recording the voices of the minorities as already known but put a pledge of more intense reporting in the future editions of practical secularism. We continue to thank the Secular Students Alliance, which has been an inspiration to many of the volunteer team who patched the different articles into a magazine it has become.

The views expressed on this journal are those of the authors and not in any way representative of the editorial team or the Jahwar Amber Fund. May you enjoy your readership and keep the feedback post vibrant with suggestions on how we can do this even much better. CLICK HERE FOR A COPY

Boaz Adhengo is the editor – in – chief of the Balozi Journal and a Director of AAI.

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